Let's Check In...

Let's Check In...

Wow… Hoelistic has just hit the 3-month mark! Thus far, we’ve blown our projections out the water. I honestly did not think people would be interested in the things that we are doing over here. I mean, I HOPED that people would but… Humans are fickle. In our first 3 months, we’ve experienced so many highs and reached certain milestones that we thought we wouldn’t see until Year 2 or 3. And for that… Thank You! Thank you for telling friends, family, your local Sex Worker. We still have way more to do but I’m a believer in staying present.


So… We have a lot more that we are going to do with Hoelistic. This month, #TheHoeTeam is starting our monthly Virtual Talks. Coitus Conversations will be a Monthly FREE Chat that I will be hosting as a way to do more outreach. I’m a Sex Educator and COVID has tremendously interrupted the plans I had so… I’m making myself available to anyone and everyone who wants to join me monthly to talk sex! Bring any & all questions to the table! This is also a way to get all those product questions y’all have answered without booking a consultation. This month’s Coitus Conversation will be on September 25th @ 7 PM. These may or may not be posted here, depending on the nature of the conversation. If you would like to attend, please RSVP @ info@hoelisticshop.com.

September is also Sexual Health Awareness Month and we have a couple things up our sleeves. Next week, we’re going to discuss Kegal Exercises for Penis-Owners. Yes… For Penis Owners! On our IG- We’re discussing Menstruation this week and later this month, we’ll be speaking to a Pelvic Floor PT to discuss why Pelvic Floor Health is so important. We’ll also be having a massive sale at the end of the month so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the most up-to-date info on everything Hoelistic. We have more Body-Safe Adult Products coming your way & as always, #TheHoeTeam strives to keep our adult products as affordable as possible. Remember: Our site offers QuadPay so you can buy now but pay in 4 biweekly installments.

Well… That’s All Folx!


Stay Healthy!

-Daya Bryant- Owner

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