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ROMP Amp Anal Beads

ROMP Amp Anal Beads

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ROMP Amp is a small and flexible silicone anal bead toy designed to be worn during play – or pulled out at just the right moment to heighten orgasm.

Designed to intensify all the sensations of sex, anal beads bring the power of orgasm up to new heights. In the small-to medium range, ROMP Amp is a great introduction to anal toys, or a perfect addition to a pleasure toolkit. The graduating size makes insertion effortless, and removal a pleasure – especially at the peak of orgasm.

The all-silicone construction is bendy and body-safe, easy to keep clean, and offers adventurous thrills for years to come.

What’s in the box: ROMP Amp Anal Beads, Amp Playbook, Amp Safety Instructions

Materials: Body-Safe Silicone

Item Height: 5.30”

Warranty: 2 Year


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