What A Time...

What A Time...


10 Years. It took 10 Years to get here. HoelisticShop.com is my baby. I birthed this business out of healing and curiosity. I found myself in a place where I could tell that those who were responsible for me didn’t have the resources to provide me with the education that I needed to move forward in my sexual life. I was dealing with trauma from Sexual Assault, in an Abusive Situationship & I was questioning where I was in my sexuality. I was tired of trying things but as I spoke to others around my age, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was seeking more. Through those experiences, I quickly realized that the knowledge I was seeking... I was going to have to figure it out on my own. So... this process started. From a Radio Show on my College Station, to scribbling through many notebooks and trying on names. Hoelistic has been nurtured in my womb for a while. Today, I birth my baby to the world. And what a time to do so. 


Let’s get one thing straight... I’m a Black Woman. I’m a Mother, A Wife, A Queer Woman... with all those intersections, I define myself as Black, first. I’m sure you’ve seen what’s happening in the world. After 400 years of being enslaved, another 50+ years of Jim Crow Laws & a foundational lifetime of being discriminated against & hated, We are still fighting for our rights. We’re also in the month of June, which happens to be LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. A movement that wouldn’t be a thing if not for a Black Trans Woman. Marsha P. Johnson came from humble beginnings and in the face of oppression, she catalyzed a movement that would change the world. I implore you to do your research on the remarkable person she was & see her how bravery changed life for you. Black Women are always on the front lines. We always push the movement forward. We nurture those we come in contact with. We give so much of ourselves, yet, We’re highly undervalued. A major driving force behind this business is to educate. Comprehensive Sex Education should be taught everywhere. There’s a difference between CSE and what you we’re probably taught in school. Statistic show that Abstinence-Only Education does not work. We need to equip ourselves & those who come after us with ALL of the information, not just some. I can guarantee that we’d all make better decisions for ourselves. So... let’s take this journey together. I am here to hold space for Black Women but that doesn’t exclude you if you don’t identify that way. We can all support and gain a little more knowledge than what we came with. Please... Educate me on what you know, what you have experienced- I’m here for you. Let’s listen and learn from each other. Let’s share our joys and our failures. Let’s come together. Happy Pride Month & Happy Launch Day! 


And if you didn’t know... #BlackLivesMatter. Forever. Always. For Eternity. 



Sadea Bryant- Owner, HoelisticShop.com 


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