Sadea Bryant (She/Her/Hers) is a Black Femme, 30-Something Woman who loves Sex! As a Sexual Assault Survivor and Advocate, Sadea recognized a need for a welcoming and educational Adult Store experience. After searching for one and not finding what she needed, She decided to create it! She also realized that as a Black Woman, there was a lot that she was never taught about Sex and Sexuality. After speaking with other Black Women she knew and met over time, Sadea realized that there was a need for better education in her community. With an emphasis on "Educated Good Clean Fun", Sadea's wish is that everyone finds comfort in their sexuality & has the educated knowledge to make their own choices concerning their own Sex Life.
As a Black, Queer, Married Mom of 2, Sadea realized that the journey to Self-Acceptance is hard. With this personal realization, She has decided to dedicate her life to making sure Sexuality and Sex Education is attainable and embraced all over the world.
To promote, educate and hold space for Black Women and Everyone else as they build healthy & happy sexual lives.
A global society where sexual education, acceptance and health is promoted and supported for everybody.
Hoelistic is the brainchild of our Founder, Sadea Bryant. As a Young Adult, Sadea began to frequent various Adult Stories in her hometown and realized that they didn't always feel welcoming. After years of researching products and consuming everything she could find about Sexuality, Hoelistic was literally born through a brief yet intense brainstorming session with her partner. The goal was to bridge the worlds of Sexuality and Organic products & also become a resource for Black Women in her community. Who says you can't have Educated Good Clean Fun?!

Our goal is to curate a Welcoming environment for Every Body & Black Women, specifically, while also delivering Organic and Body-Safe products directly to wherever you are!