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Eva Sucking Mouth Vibrator

Eva Sucking Mouth Vibrator

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Beautifully crafted in a rosy color, this vibrator is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot with its 10 powerful vibrating and biting settings. It provides tantalizing and intense vibrations to the clit, G-spot, boobs, vulva, and other erogenous zones. Explore the various settings to find your perfect pleasure and dive into the intense vibrations. Let Eva take you on a luxurious journey of pulsation, escalation, and amazement!


Biting Mouth, Robust Vibrating Tongue

Are you drawn to the unique mouth-shaped vibrator? Curious about how it works? Eva's mouth is designed to fit over your vulva, with full lips that create a strong, thrilling biting and biting sensation. Combined with dynamic tongue vibrations, your entire vulva and clitoris will be teased into a delicious orgasmic fantasy. Plus, a cute hickey kiss on the neck is an added bonus. However, please be warned that the powerful biting and biting may bring you to a painful but blissful climax.


Angled Shaft, Vibrating Bulbous End

With its slightly angled, velvety-smooth shaft, this G-spot vibrator is ergonomically designed to fit inside perfectly and target the G-spot precisely. The bulbous end simulates the shape of the glans, vibrating from gentle to wild in 10 modes to deliver ultimate satisfaction. The dense caress on your hot spots kicks up a deep, pulse-racing sensation that will leave you unable to hold back, and make you surrender to the vibes.


Excavate The Bliss-out Potential

Craving penetration and oral sex scenarios? Then dive deep into your erotic zones with Eva and explore your potential for orgasmic pleasure. Specifically designed to provide sweet G-spot stimulation and clit massaging, this super powerful G-spot vibrator offers a novel sexual experience for both solo and couple play. Take a super-realistic ride and spice up your foreplay with Eva's buzzing flirt!


Materials: Silicone, ABS, TPE

Vibration: 10 bite Patterns, 10 Vibrating Patterns


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